Are you feeling passionate about a topic? Do you have a business you would love to promote? Would you like to explore a concept? Are you interesting, funny and engaging, or full of information and curiosity? What is your story?

Record a podcast with Baobab Tree Studios! We have all the magic to guide your podcast from idea development to final product. Look to Baobab for production experience, a location with flavor, and professional recording equipment. We start with listening for an understanding of your goals and dreams and are available to work with you from the first stages of creation and development into production, post production and distribution.

If you know what you want and are looking for a one time recording or planning for an ongoing series, the staff at Baobab will inspire you, provide direction, and participate in your collaborative editing process. If you have some creative fires that really need a home for expression, come talk to us. If you have a full crew ready to take part in a group discussion and record and share your discussion, we have your space.

Whatever your podcasting endeavor, our state of the art equipment and gorgeous downtown location will lend it an artistic and professional edge. Get into podcasting here, under the Baobab Tree, a creative space to tell your story!